GB2B IT Solutions can customize and implement information technology solutions ranging from simple web design to hosting turn key database applications with on-going maintenance. The key to providing you the services you need is to get to know your company, business, and how you work, and based on that, recommend a custom approach to your specific needs.

Needs Analysis  

GB2G IT Solutions is a small IT Solutions provider, as such we spend time on every project to help you identify your IT needs. Our approach is to learn about your business, what you do and how to make you more effective and efficient. Performing a needs analysis provides you with options, a path forward, milestones, a schedule and a budget. The needs analysis is used throughout the project and becomes your businesses' process documenation.

Database Design and Maintenance  

Database design is a critical component, it helps store information in the way that is easily extended and retrievable. It takes a experience to come up with the right balance of granularity and flexiblity without overdoing complexity. GB2G has experience in developing database for a variety of project ranging from restaurant menu items to environmental remediation analysis.

Web Design & Hosting  

Web design and hosting can be done using different platforms and different hosting facilities. GB2G has experience in Windows and Linux environments, ASP.NET (with VB.NET or C#), Wordpress, and limited experience with Jumla. GB2G currently deploys websites and web applications through GoDaddy, BlueHost, Arvixe, Azure, and iPower; whether you already have a host provider, have your own serveres, or would like a recommondation, GB2G can work in many different environments.

Information/Data Management  

For Existing Data Systems (electronic or not)   •   When the amount of information you have becomes too large and cumbersome to maintain reliably, GB2G IT Solutions can help organize, and optimize your data. Implementing a strategy that facilitates growth, contols access and security, contributes to data integrity and consistancy, and automates standards for input and output.

For New Systems   •   GB2G will help you anticipate your data needs and design a system that facilitates growth and management of one of your most valuable assets, information. In the process data input forms, reports, and standarized letters are designed and automated with a focus on data intergrity.

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