GB2B IT Solutions can implement information technology solutions ranging from simple websites to turnkey database-driven applications with on-going maintenance and support.

The key to providing you the best posible solution is to know your goals, priorities and how you work. Based on that information and experience, GB2G IT Solutions can recommend and implement an approach that meets your specific needs.

Project Experience  

GB2G IT Solutions is a small IT solutions provider, as such, adequate time is spent on every project to help you identify your IT needs. Our approach is to learn about your business goals and priorities, and how you work with your data, then recommend and apply an approach to help you be more effective and efficient.

GB2G IT Solutions often recommends performing a needs assessment which assesses how you work with clients and data, and what your goals and priorities are. GB2G IT Solutions then identifies how any gaps between how work now and how the process can be improved, both through IT and possibly through simple processes changes.

Out of a needs assessment comes:
  • goals
  • objectives
  • milestones
  • schedule
  • budget

GB2G IT Solutions believes this is the surest way that your business is made more efficient, you deliver better service, and that future growth and flexibility are easily accomodated.

Technology Experience  

A fundamental understanding of computers, networks, databases, programming, and data analysis are essential to providing complex IT solutions. However, having these skills and experiences can also be leveraged on smaller projects. By identifying a client’s needs and understanding the big picture, a fitting and appropriately scalable technology can be recommended. This can lead to a better return on investment and fewer expensive adjustments down the road.

Previous Experience Includes:
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Operating Systems Installations and Configurations
  • Geographic Information Systems GIS
  • Hosting Services
  • Network Upgrades
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Programming
  • Content Management Systems CMS
  • Website Design and Presentation
  • Image and Photo Editing
Customer Experience  

All clients deserve the same care, whether their project spans years or hours, they will receive good communication, clear objectives, fair rates and accountability.

GB2G IT Solutions wants every client to have a positive experience in implementing their IT solutions and learn a little bit more about their business in the process.

Business Experience  
Website and Data Management Systems
  • Attorney Website
  • Business Broker Website and Data Management System
  • Business Club Website
  • Construction Company Website
  • Education Organization Website
  • Directory Listing Website and Data Management System
  • Health Service Website
  • Restaurant Website
  • Transportation Websites (small and medium businesses)
  • Environmental Projects Data Management Systems
Geographic Information System
  • Cadastral
  • Land Development
  • Utilities
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Site Selection Analysis
Hardware and Network
  • Hardware Installations and Troubleshooting
  • Simple Network Upgrades and Troubleshooting
Web Hosting Services
  • CPanel - Typical Services
  • Plesk - Typical Services
  • Azure - Typical Services
  • IIS - Configuring and Installing SSL Certificates

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